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43 Woodland Park Dr #20, Kalispell, MT 59901

PHONE: (406) 871-9885


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Flathead Valley!  If you’ve been considering massage in Kalispell, Mt. to resolve muscle pains, recover from a car accident, relieve your stress, or compliment athletic training with sports massage, Johnny C. is where you want to be.  Whether it’s relaxing, or deep tissue, or a combination of those, I strive to provide the highest quality massage therapy experience available locally.  From ashiatsu, to evening and weekend appointments, to honoring other local massage therapist’s gift certificates, my massage therapy practice in Kalispell, Mt. is very different from most.  Come see for yourself, and experience the massage envy session you’ve been looking for!

Kalispell massage therapy

Should you tip for massage in Kalispell, Mt.?  Well, here’s MY answer.  NO.  I don’t EXPECT tips when I work as amassage therapist.  Do you tip your chiropractor or physical therapist?  Probably not.  I’m not your hairdresser, I’m on your healthcare team.  Do I appreciate gratuity for my services given above and beyond the call of duty?  Of course.  Please, just leave a review of my business on Google, Yelp, or Trip Advisor!

ARE YOU INVOLVED WITH A FUNDRAISER OR CHARITY?  I’m available at no cost to do chair massage with your volunteers, backstage, or somewhere off the radar during the event.  Rather than donate gift certificates, I’m able to help more people in this manner, and am happy to be of service!

Looking for an affordable massage therapist in Kalispell?  Rebooking discounts, introductory offers, chair massage and 30 minute table sessions are available, see these and more options including kinesio taping on my PRICING PAGE.  Need more incentive?  See my reviews on facebook, Yelp, and Google.

CONTACT:  Phone:  406-871-9885